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7 Best Hands Free Parenting Podcast You Must Listen To!

Listening to Parenting Podcasts makes Parenting Journey even more simple.

How many parenting books do you have on your shelf, gathering dust and waiting to be read? You intended to read them, but life as an expectant or new parent is hectic, and you simply don’t have the time to sit down and read a 532-page book about weaning or the ups and downs of parenthood. I completely understand!

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to get parenting advice.


Parenting Podcast

Here is the list of the 7 best Parenting Podcasts that you can listen to even while you are traveling, cooking, or doing any other activity! I assure you it won’t take much of your time and the best part is you will be all engrossed once you listen to them.


7 Best Parenting Podcast That You Shouldn’t Miss out On:


1.Jundefined Lansbury: Unruffled

What’s it all about? In each episode, parenting expert and author Janet Landsbury tackle a different listener’s parenting problem, offering sound advice based on her “respectful parenting” philosophy.

Best  Parenting Podcast for Insightful and motivating parenting advice.

2. The Double Shift: A Parenting Podcast for Working Mothers!

Every story in The Double Shift is about questioning how things are for working mothers in the real world and working to change them to how they should be. Katherine Goldstein, the show’s host, is an award-winning journalist, and each episode is expertly produced and reported. Goldstein injects just the right amount of her own experience into the show, while also acknowledging that the questions she poses are based on her own experiences.

The Double Shift  Parenting Podcast picks up where many of the interviews from The Longest Shortest Time leave off, delving into the details to tell documentary-style stories about everything from moms working the night shift in Vegas to a Muslim sex educator teaching a roomful of women how to use a dildo.

Goldstein shares an audio diary of a time when her own life was upended in one format-breaking episode, and it’s a must-listen for any mom who’s faced her own heartbreak and impossible choices.

  1. The Mom Hour

You don’t always need an expert; sometimes you just need to hear from a mom who’s been there. Because co-hosts Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers have eight children between them, listening to this parenting podcast is like sitting down with your mom friends—if those mom friends happen to be super-wise and experienced.

KC Clifford tells her story with a songwriter’s heart and attention to detail in the episode “Worth the Wait: One Mom’s Infertility Story with KC Clifford.” Is my favorite one!


  1. We Knows Parenting: The Coolest Parenting Podcast!

Parenting is something we are familiar with.

Peter McNerney and Beth Newell are basically couples of goals. These two comedians have two children and are sharing their experiences in this parenting podcast. Even if you and your partner aren’t nearly as funny as these two, you’ll laugh along because it’s all so real and oh so relatable. In each episode, they discuss their parenting highs and lows from the previous week and offer advice.


  1. Dad’s Unplugged: A Parenting Podcast Dedicated to All the Fathers.

Dads Unplugged is a place where fathers can socialize and learn from one another. We believe that no father is perfect, including the hosts! Every parent has their own story to tell, and that’s what Dad’s unplugged is all about.


  1. Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books

I had no idea when I first started listening to this podcast that the host, Zibby Owens, was the daughter of billionaire Stephen Schwartzman and a major literary figure. Owens is also a mother of four and an excellent interviewer who can help authors see their work and its place in the world in a new light.

Listening to this podcast is like spending time with a thoughtful, Ivy-league educated-yet-unpretentious, Platonic-ideal mom book club that will never exist in real life because in real life your neighbor Susan always shows up and spends the entire time talking about her in-laws.


  1. Unspoken Stories: A Parenting Podcast Focusing on Pregnancy Concerns.

This parenting podcast, hosted by actress and mother Tatyana Ali and sponsored by the March of Dimes, tells stories about pregnancy, birth, and loss, focusing on the gaps between expectations and reality. The show is edited so that the subject tells their own story from beginning to end, with Ali’s voice interjecting to help listeners through the most difficult parts.

Anyone who has experienced the uncertainty of that in-between, unexpected place will relate to the 64 Days in the NICU episode. Another episode features actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who shares her story of pregnancy and motherhood while living with MS, as well as how keeping her illness hidden for so long nearly broke her.

Do let me know in the comments section, which one is your favorite parenting podcast and how do you relate to it!

I would be happy to read them.


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