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Why I don’t Regret Being a Stay At Home Mom!

Home Mom

Being a Stay At Home Mom is the best thing that has happened to me!

Trust me, Being a Stay at Home Mom is a blessing to me!

Gone are the days of inferiority between men and women! A woman can bring bread home even while staying at home! Today, a working woman is considered and is given an equal opportunity in any scenario within the society!

However, In the past, women were groomed to be just a  homemaker. Women were not supposed to be the family’s head of the household because it was the role of a man, and to some extent, it’s a fact in some houses in the present scenario too.

The man was called the head of the family and even in schools the children are taught the same, He is the one who brings back the lovely food for the family and She is the one who cooks them!

Love of a Mom is impeccable


How did things change for a Stay At Home Mom in the middle century?

In the middle of the century, things changed drastically, women ‘s views started to shift, and families saw the advantage of getting more than one income to keep afloat. While many men were still adapting to the sudden change, women became more independent and happier with making money to provide for their families, but children lost both their parents to the workforce.

Today, when it comes to their families, women have a choice: she can be a working woman who takes care of her family and carries a check to her home, or she can choose to stay at home and be the castle queen, overseeing everything that is going on under her roof.

But the real truth is, You can only guess what it is like being a stay at home Mom before you actually become one. Everyone thinks being a stay at home mom full time is easy. — that we have no tremendous work unlike in offices — that we are lazy. But that’s not the case at all! A stay at home mom performs unlimited duties in a very limited time given to her!

A Home Mom has the time to talk to her children and deeply understand them as individuals, and also be comfortable knowing that they eat healthy because a working home mother can cook their meals daily. The best part of a stay at home mom is she can never miss out on the priceless moments with her child. She is more involved in learning the development of her child and making the mother-daughter/son bond even stronger.


A Stay at Home Mom Educating His Child


Hats Off to all the Stay at Home Moms!

A working home – mom has to be sure to manage her time incredibly well. She might have the need to make daily goal lists to keep up with her work and to avoid becoming overwhelmed. It’s impossible to get an excessive amount of work done all at once when you have a busy toddler to care for, but a stay at home mom tries to work whenever she has the chance.

Though raising kids full time can be seen as a privilege but it can also be hard to play and switch to different roles along with it. It’s OK but it’s important to talk about it without just accepting it as a mediocre way and not fulfilling it. 

While I believe this could go without saying, drawn-out negative comment, I’ll preface this post by saying:

Mom’s that work away from home is truly AMAZING! This post is in no way meant to belittle or offend any of my working mamma friends…

Are you a stay-at-home mom? I am one of them!  You can also know more about me in my about section. We would love to hear your story.





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